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Business Services and Affiliated Organizations

The Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council and Suburban Hospital Alliance of NYS, LLC have developed strategic relationships with a number of commercial partners to provide their members with access to innovative technologies and services that address hospitals’ operational and financial needs, or otherwise help member institutions fulfill their missions.

Care Logistics

Care Logistics helps hospitals deliver exceptional care to satisfied patients at the lowest costs. The Care Logistics patient progression systems transform hospital operations, powered by positive culture change, flexible and efficient unit and system care models, and logistics software. The results: efficient, predictable, and reliable care that dramatically improves every metric that matters to hospitals—care quality, patient throughput and experience, length of stay and financial performance.

Mercy College

Mercy College has entered into a partnership that will allow employees of Suburban Hospital Alliance member hospitals a 15 percent discount on all undergraduate and graduate classes at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.


National Auditing Services & Consulting is a forensic accounting/auditing and cost recovery firm with 28 years’ experience and a high level of success in the health care marketplace. NASC will identify and secure utility (electricity & gas, telecommunications) over-payments/billing errors going back 3-5 years, on contingency and in a manner that is not a project, as refunds/credits and potentially reduce future utility costs in the process.


The Suburban Hospital Alliance has contracted with Qualaris to provide its web-based, customizable quality improvement audit tool to member institutions, with each participating institution receiving at no cost the ability to participate in a regional project and one institution-specific quality improvement module at no cost. Each facility receives a free tablet to ease the collection of data, though the platform can be used from a smart phone, workstation-on-wheels or any internet-capable device. On Long Island, hospitals are using the Qualaris Audit Tool to work collaboratively on improving patient experience.

Squad Security, Inc.

Squad Security, Inc. can provide security assessment and other services to member hospitals and health systems. Founded in 1992 by former NYPD detective Michael Sapraicone, the company has grown to offer a wide range of security and investigative solutions to multinational clients. The firm has an experienced management team with an extensive law enforcement background.

Via Novus

Via Novus’ Litigation Matching & Recovery Services enable hospitals to leverage a unique and proprietary technology tool that has generated over $300 million in incremental cash recoveries for major healthcare insurance carriers over the past few years. Until now, this approach has not been available in the hospital market. Via Novus’s approach is to collect cash for the hospital from lawsuit proceeds – straight from an insurance carrier, not patients – when patients file lawsuits. This service relies on our proprietary and complex data mining techniques to identify otherwise impossible-to-find lawsuits from which the hospital is legally entitled to be paid.

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