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Long Island’s suburban hospitals rely on our business services

HANYS Solutions provides outstanding decision support tools, operational efficiency methods and technology innovations that help hospitals, health systems and other health care providers to make sound business decisions, enhance their cost-effectiveness and efficiency, improve the quality of health and medical care services and deploy new technologies to meet changing patient and practitioner needs.

The Managed Care Advisory Group is a litigation claim recovery and health plan auditing firm engaged by NSHC to assist its members in filing claims pursuant to settlements such as the Blue Cross settlement on physician payments, the Ingenix settlements on the determination of “usual and customary” charges, pharmaceutical industry settlements over the inflation of average wholesale prices and Visa/MasterCard settlements over transaction fees. NSHC has expanded its relationship with MCAG to offer Contract Payment Review services to its members. CPR enables providers to ensure that reimbursements received from payers meet the negotiated and contract reimbursement rates. MCAG offers its recovery services to NSHC members at a reduced contingency fee.

Third Party Reimbursement Solutions, LLC (“TPR”) provides advisory services to hospitals and health systems on a local and national level. Specifically, our company offers advisory services that focus on Hospital Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and regulatory issues. TPR’s management team averages over 25 years of consulting (Big 4 firms), hospital and fiscal intermediary experience addressing the following issues: Cost Report Preparation, Review, Adjustments, Appeals, Re-openings, Wage Index, Geographic Reclassifications and Occupational Mix Survey, Organ Acquisition, Rural/Rural Referral Center (RRC) Strategy, Provider Consolidations, Due Diligence, Medical Education & Allied Health, Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) & S-10, Bad Debts, Health Care Reform Act (HCRA) Assessments and Audit Support.