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We’re the Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State

We bring the concerns of suburban hospitals to Albany and Washington and advocate for better health care policy.

The Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State, LLC, is a consortium of not-for-profit and public hospitals advocating for better health care policy for all those living and working in the nine counties north and east of New York City: Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, and Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester counties in the Hudson Valley.

The Suburban Hospital Alliance ensures that the specific concerns of suburban hospitals from the Hudson Valley and Long Island regions are heard in Albany and Washington. Advocacy issues related to reimbursement, managed care, performance improvement, community health, workforce and rational regulations dominate the Suburban Hospital Alliance’s agenda, as suburban hospitals often have a perspective distinct from the concerns of those in rural and urban areas. The Suburban Hospital Alliance offers strength in numbers and has been influential in securing positive legislation and regulation reforms for hospitals and the patients they serve.

The Suburban Hospital Alliance was informally founded in 2006 by the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association and the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council. NorMet represents hospitals in the Hudson Valley and NSHC represents hospitals on Long Island. These two organizations officially formed the Suburban Hospital Alliance in 2012; NorMet and NSHC continue to represent their individual regions for region-specific matters.