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HEIA Complete – a specialized service for members of the Suburban Hospital Alliance of NYS that meets all requirements of the new state HEIA assessment law. Our streamlined three-step approach draws from our field work in health equity, community health and our expertise in health policy. As a nonprofit consultant working exclusively for our member hospitals, we are competitively priced.

The HEIA Complete Approach in 3 Steps

  1. Project Scoping
  2. Engaging with Community Stakeholders & Residents
  3. Synthesizing a Comprehensive Data-Driven Narrative

Why HEIA Complete? Our assessors offer:

  • In-depth historical and present understanding of NYS’ healthcare landscape
  • Expert understanding of the HEIA law
  • Decades of experience navigating NYS healthcare policies and regulations
  • Long-standing commitment to fostering health equity in partnership with regional hospitals, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analyses

For more information, contact Janine Logan, Vice President, Communications and Population Health at or 631-963-4156.

Learn More About the HEIA Complete Three-Step Approach

HEIA flyer

Information collected during the course of Health Equity Impact Assessments is collected on behalf of hospital applicants and not kept by us. As necessary, information is shared with the New York State Department of Health for the purposes of the Health Equity Impact Assessment a hospital is required to complete. For more information about HEIA, please visit the state’s website.