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Our business services help members fulfill their missions

The Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State has developed strategic relationships with a number of commercial partners to provide our members with access to innovative technologies and services that address hospitals’ operational and financial needs or otherwise help our member institutions.

Additional business services are available to our Long Island region members through the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council.

Additional business services are available to our Hudson Valley region members through the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association.

Bank fees are an ordinary part of doing business, but many hospitals do not realize that there are savings to be had when those fees are examined at a granular level. F.E.DiBacco is the nation’s premier consulting firm that specializes in reviewing bank fees no matter how many accounts your hospital may have. Handling multiple bank accounts and their different fee structures coupled with your hospital’s high volume of daily bank transactions leaves opportunity for re-negotiated banking agreements and savings for your institution.

Care Logistics helps hospitals deliver exceptional care to satisfied patients at the lowest costs. The Care Logistics patient progression systems transform hospital operations, powered by positive culture change, flexible and efficient unit and system care models and logistics software. The results: efficient, predictable and reliable care that dramatically improves every metric that matters to hospitals – care quality, patient throughput and experience, length of stay and financial performance.

The Suburban Hospital Alliance has partnered with Outpost Capital Partners to facilitate the purchase of claims unpaid by Health Republic Insurance (HRI), which ceased operations in 2015 and entered liquidation proceedings in 2016. Because the case has progressed, Outpost is now able to offer nearly 90 cents on the dollar for outstanding claims verified through the Department of Financial Services.