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Message from the Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State

The Suburban Hospital Alliance remains committed to providing hospitals in the Hudson Valley region and the Long Island region with expert and up-to-date analysis about regulatory changes and legislation related to COVID-19. These change rapidly. See our latest news updates.

As per the governor’s order for non-essential businesses to close during the period of emergency, all staff members of the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council and the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association are working remotely. Senior staff are in constant contact with local, state, and national authorities regarding management of the COVID-19 response. Our mission like the mission of all our member hospitals is to ensure that hospitals and their healthcare workers have what they need to take care of all patients during this unprecedented crisis.

Hospital workers, first responders, and all healthcare workers are at their stations around-the-clock tending to patients. It is a physical and emotional strain on these brave members of the community. The COVID-19 response has also placed a tremendous operational and financial strain on all hospitals. Please consider making a donation to your local hospital(s) through the COVID-19 Relief Fund for Suburban Hospitals.

Blood Donations Needed Now
More than Ever

Don’t forget – hospitals still need blood donations for life-saving emergencies. NY Blood Center ensures the safety of all donors. Collection sites practice social distancing, staff self-assess each day, and rigorous infection control procedures are in place. Blood and especially plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients are needed.

Insurance Enrollment Assistance

The Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council enrollment staff continue to offer application assistance via telephone. Enrollers provide application assistance to adults and children who are blind or disabled, anyone over the age of 65, and their families in need of Medicaid. Enrollment assistance is provided for Community Medicaid, Medicaid for long-term home-care services, and Medicaid for nursing home care.
Call (631) 656-9783.