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Have you herd? Immunity is the word!

You’ve probably heard the term “herd immunity” a lot over the past year, but what does it actually mean? Within the context of COVID-19, how would herd immunity affect our communities and our hospitals, and what can we do to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible?

Herd immunity is reached when a significant percent of the population – about 80 percent – has received a vaccine and/or has become immune to an infectious disease because of exposure. This widespread immunity means susceptible individuals are much less likely to come into contact with an infected person. We have reached herd immunity.

How do we achieve herd immunity? Raise a sleeve!

The greater the number of vaccinated means the sooner we can return to our normal lives and the sooner our local economies can recover.

We need every eligible person to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.

Your local hospitals want you to know that getting vaccinated is the most important step you can take at an individual level to achieve herd immunity. Once vaccinated, you will have one less health concern for yourself and your family members. Vaccines are safe, and our strongest weapon in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. Most importantly, all vaccines protect against serious illness and death. Each vaccine has gone through rigorous scientific testing.

Your turn to get vaccinated is coming.
It’s okay to have questions—get answers now.

The Ad Council and the COVID Collaborative have launched their “It’s Up to You” campaign to educate millions of Americans about COVID-19 vaccines. Visit ( in Spanish) and get your questions answered now so you can make an informed decision about the vaccine when it’s your turn.

Campaign Resources for Hospitals

Herd Immunity = Safe Communities

While the individual decision to get vaccinated might seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of herd immunity, the impact of your individual choice is significant and widespread. Get vaccinated and be part of the movement to end COVID-19. Continue to check the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website to stay up to date on eligibility guidelines and vaccine news.

While supply continues to catch up with demand, go ahead and make an appointment now. Here are vaccine appointment resources:

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