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Now’s the Time

Your local hospitals remind you that …

COVID-19 may appear to have retreated, but it hasn’t … not yet. A stealth at mutating and morphing, variants are out there. How many, how severe – it’s hard to predict but the colder months and closer quarters are perfect conditions for transmission. Children remain the least vaccinated group, leaving them highly vulnerable to infection. So, let’s get ahead of any potential surge.

Now’s the Time … to get kids vaccinated, then boosted when eligible.

Why take a chance on catching a COVID variant. Protect your child, your family, and your community. Children 6 months to four years old are eligible for a COVID vaccine and kids five and older can even get a booster, once the initial vaccine series is completed.

Campaign Resources for Hospitals

All vaccines and boosters protect against serious illness and death. Each has gone through rigorous scientific testing.

Make an appointment now. Call your pediatrician, local hospital, pharmacy, or check out these vaccine and booster appointment resources:

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines and boosters:


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